Business Owners Hurricane Insurance Claims

Hurricane Irma hit Florida in early September, causing billions of dollars worth of damage, according to reports. It devastated entire communities in the Keys, and damaged businesses on both coasts — hitting Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Miami, among other communities, with great force before damaging property to various degrees from Marco Island to Punta Gorda. Irma’s reach also extended inland.

After two weeks of carnage, Hurricane Irma finally dissipated, leaving in its wake wrecked business property and lost income. In the aftermath, business owners are faced with trying to navigate what can be confusing and contentious hurricane insurance claim proceedings.

Business Insurance Claims after a Hurricane

Business owners face unique problems after a hurricane. Not only is there wind and water damage to buildings, computers, furniture, business records and other property, but there is a loss of business income, loss of goodwill, and loss of your customer base.

Business insurance policies cover hurricane damage to structures, business personal property, and business income losses. Calculating business income losses takes experience and expertise. Our hurricane lawyers have helped many business owners calculate business income losses and recover from hurricane damage.

We work closely with your accountant, and we will hire forensic accountants to present your business income issues to the jury. In order to properly present your business income loss, your attorney must be able to effectively cross-examine the insurance companies’ accountant. Our hurricane lawyers have extensive experience cross-examining the insurance companies’ experts, and showing the weaknesses in their case.

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