About Us

HurricaneLawyer.com is a website sponsored by Morgan & Morgan, the largest and one of the most successful plaintiffs’ law firms in the United States. Morgan & Morgan represents Florida policyholders in hurricane insurance claim disputes with insurance companies — one of the many ways we fight for the people to hold these companies accountable for their negligence.

Our team of hurricane lawyers includes Orlando-based attorney Mark Nation, who literally wrote the book on insurance disputes. Together, we have helped thousands of home, condo, and business owners recover millions of dollars in their insurance disputes.

Hurricanes and tropical storms, such as Michael or Irma, can unleash devastating destruction upon homes and businesses. They can damage a building’s structure or the contents inside the home or business, leading to loss of possessions and business income and displacement, among other things.

Ideally, homeowners and property insurance would cover the damage the policy says it will cover — that’s why you dutifully pay your premiums, after all. However, it’s not often so easy. There is nothing we pay more money for and understand less than insurance.

You Need an Advocate

A combination of challenging language and ambiguous clauses in homeowners and business owners insurance policies makes it frustrating for people to try to decipher just what to expect when they need to make a claim. This is, oftentimes, by design. That way, the insurance company has a built-in defense against compensating policyholders. What you don’t know can hurt you.

This is why it’s important to have a knowledgeable advocate by your side who can help you navigate the overly complex world of insurance — and one who will work with you for free. Our hurricane lawyers have decades of experience with insurance disputes, helping victims of hurricanes and tropical storms get the compensation they’re entitled to as upstanding payers of premiums.

Decades of Experience On Your Side

Our attorneys have helped policyholders recover compensation after some of the worst hurricanes in recent history, including:

  • Andrew — 1992
  • Charley — 2004
  • Francis — 2004
  • Jean — 2004
  • Ivan — 2004
  • Katrina — 2005
  • Wilma — 2005
  • Rita — 2005
  • Sandy — 2012
  • Matthew — 2016
  • Harvey — 2017
  • Maria — 2017
  • Irma — 2017
  • Florence — 2018

We’ll Review Your Claim for Free

If your property suffered hurricane damage, our team will review your hurricane and tropical storm damage claim for free. If the insurance company is doing the right thing, we will tell you. If not, we will explain what we can do to help. Either way, you are entitled to peace of mind.

There are never any fees or costs unless we win a jury award or settlement. Even then, your insurance company could be responsible for paying the legal fees for both parties.

Whether your homeowners insurance claim was underpaid, delayed, or denied, Morgan & Morgan’s hurricane lawyers can help. Find out how during a free, no-obligation case review.